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Copies of the following publications have been digitised and are available to view as searchable PDF files for the personal use of current members of the Association who are able to log in to the members’ area: –

  • The Worcester Old Elizabethans’ Association magazine; “The Elizabethan”.
  • The Alice Ottley School Magazines; “White & Blue”.
  • The Worcester Royal Grammar School Magazine; “The Worcesterian”.
  • The Worcester Royal Grammar School and the Worcester Old Elizabethans Magazine, “The Worcester Elizabethan”.
  • The Alice Ottleians & Old Elizabethans’ Association magazine; “The Hole in The Wall”.
  • “Alice Ottley – A Celebration, 1983 to 2007”.
  • “Alice Ottley – Her Life And Legacy”.
  • “A Short History of The Royal Grammar School, Worcester”, published in 2006.

Not all past magazines are available. Further publications will be digitised and added in due course.

To access these documents once you have logged in, go to Archives on the top line and then select the appropriate item.

There is also a Video of life at The Alice Ottley School in the 1950s and 60s which can be viewed from the Archives pages.

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